A 60 years old chain

Thanks to more than 60 years of activity Mazzoni Group is the leader of the fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables chain. Mazzoni started to export Italian fresh fruit to European markets in the ‘50s. It’s one of the first Italian companies to understand the importance of integration alongside the whole chain of fresh products. Today Mazzoni Group manages R&D activities for new varieties (check the website of CIV – Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti); produces fruit trees and strawberry plants; is one of the first Italian producers of fruit and vegetables. It preserves, packages and markets a wide variety of fresh, conventional and organic fruit and vegetables and it also markets frozen berries. At Mazzoni Group everything is done respecting the highest quality standards.

Always investing in research and technology

Research inside the fruit and vegetables sector needs resources, time and passion. Mazzoni has invested in research for new varieties from the early ‘80s (check the website of CIV – Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti). This constant commitment allows Mazzoni companies to be involved into the most important European projects for innovation and enhancement of fruit and vegetables and also to be able to guarantee to their clients the most innovative products.

Mazzoni Group has always invested in innovation: today each stage of the chain has the most innovative technologies and is taken care in detail to guarantee the best to its clients.

Mazzoni is a partner of the most important European distributors because it knows the origin of its products and can guarantee quality and healthiness to consumers.

Mazzoni is also a partner of the producers, to which it gives healthy and productive plants, adapted to the real market needs and attentive to the needs of the environment. It provides also qualified and updated technical assistance.

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