Native to New Zealand, ANNAGLOPBR is part of the new generation of Gala clones that are striped and very coloured. The fruit is shiny intense red. Annaglo is perfect for those looking for a new clone with an intense colour and marked streaks.

Mondialfruit Selection
® Licence Patented varieties


Easy to grow plant distinguished by its early fruiting and high productivity. The fruit is elongated, red with intense streaks.

Buckeye Gala® SimmonsPBR

The colour excellence in Gala. Colour appears well in advance and the apple is a full intense red when picked. Allows picking at the right ripening stage avoiding the risk of splitting. Allows picking in only two steps.

® Patented variety

Schniga® Schnico Red (s)

Fruit: Good organoleptic properties. The fruit is medium-sized. Dark red and striped colour. The fruit is truncated-conical in shape. The pulp is thick, crunchy, sweet-tasting, good when picked. The pulp is light yellow, with a fine structure, juicy and very compact. The sugar content is very high.
This variety has excellent preservation qualities.

Tree: moderate vigour. Good productivity.
Origin: bud mutant of Royal Gala.

Devil GalaPBR cpvo 2012/2511

Fruit with uniform size, dark red, faded, intense colour.

Vigorous and very productive.


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