Bibaum® Apple Tree

All the varieties of apple trees offered by Vivai Mazzoni are also available as a Bibaum® plant.

Varieties of Bibaum® Apple Tree available:

  • AnnagloPBR
  • NorgePBR
  • Buckeye Gala® SimmonsPBR
  • Schniga® Schnico Red(s)
  • Devil GalaPBRCPVO2012/2511
  • Fuji ko-civ® Fuciv181PBR
  • Fuji san-civ® Fuciv52PBR
Golden Delicious
  • Reinders®
  • Smoothee®
  • Golden b
  • Golden Parsi(s) da rosa®
Red delicious
  • JerominePBR
  • Superchief® SandidgePBR
  • Cripps Pink Bvc, Rosy Glow Bvc, Sekzie Bvc
  • Elstar Elshof®
  • Red JonaprincePBR Wilton’s®
  • Granny Smith
  • Isaaq®
Sweet Resistants (Resistant to scab)
  • FujionPBR
  • Modì® Civg198PBR
  • René® CivrenPBR
  • SmeraldaPBR
  • GaiaPBR
  • GeminiPBR


The Bibaum® Apple Tree is now known all over the world. To meet the requirements of customers in central-Northern Europe, Vivai Mazzoni has extended its varietal range of apple trees. The Elstar, Jonagold and Braeburn varieties are amongst the most requested by producers and consumers.

What’s new:

  • Bibaum® Red Jonaprince®
  • Braeburn Rosabel®

Rootstocks used for the Bibaum® Apple trees: M9 T337, M9 Pajam2®CepilandPBR, M26

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