Cherry tree

The Bibaum® Cherry tree is the latest novelty launched by Vivai Mazzoni.

The varieties available are





Royal Lafayette® (Zaiger Genetics)
Variety born from the breeding programs of Zaiger Genetics (USA), flowering and ripening medium-early (-10 Kordia), with large sized fruits (medium 28-30mm), of bright red color(CTIFL: 4-5). The kidney-shaped fruit has a very consistent and juicy pulp, with a thick, medium-length stalk. It has medium vigor, with bearing semi-erect and high productivity if well pollinated (pollination recommended with Royal Helen). Low sensitivity to Monilia and damage from manipulation. Poor sensitivity to produce double fruit. Variety licensed by IPS – France.

Areko (PBR) (Kordia x Regina)
Variety born from the successful crossing of Kordia and Regina, very productive with medium-late ripening (-3 Kordia), easy to manage in orchard, with vegetative behavior similar to Regina. Medium-late flowering, contemporary with Kordia, which turns out to be a good pollinator for Areko. Fruit of very large caliber (medium >30mm) and with an attractive heart shape, with a long and characteristic stem and a typical dark red color (CTIFL: 5-6). Bright red and very firm pulp. Tolerant to Pseudomonas and not very sensitive to cold damage. Very resistant to cracking. Incompatible with Regina.

Royal Helen (COV) (Zaiger Genetics)
SELF-FERTILE Variety born from breeding programs by Zaiger Genetics (USA), late ripening (+5 Kordia) and early flowering, with very large and homogeneous sized fruit (medium 30-32mm), of dark red color (CTIFL: 5-6). The kidney-shaped fruit has a juicy very consistent pulp, with a thick, medium-length stem. It presents medium-high vigor, with good branching and high productivity, thanks to its self-fertility. Low sensitivity to Monilia and damage from manipulation. Variety licensed from IPS – France.

Hertford (Gran Bretagna)
Variety born from the breeding program of the John Innes Center (UK), with late ripening (+10 Kordia / +7 Regina) and early flowering, with fruits of large caliber (medium> 32mm) and dark red color (CTIFL: 5-6), little susceptible to cracking. The conical fruit has a very firm pulp, light pink in color, medium- long and medium thick stem; great flavor. Very high productivity if well pollinated (recommended pollination with Lapin’s, Grace Star, Sweetheart), with medium-high vigor that lends itself well to the use of dwarfing rootstocks.

The advantages of the MAZZONI BIBAUM® CHERRY TREE

  • Creation of narrow wall orchards
  • Reduction of cultivation activities
  • Increased light interception
  • Low management costs
  • Better orchard quality
  • Increased production yield
  • Simplified picking
  • Mechanized pruning

Rootstocks: Gisela5®, Gisela6®, Maxma Delbard® 14, Weigi®.

The first Italian Bibaum® Cherry tree implant with approx 1.000 trees is in Piedmont (Cuneo – Italy). The following photos offer a first view of the Bibaum® cherry trees.


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