For decades the Mazzoni Group has engaged in research in new varieties (Varieties Innovation Centre).
With this direct experience, we are thoroughly familiar with all the issues of the sector, and we can offer producers the most suitable solutions for the modern market.
The VIC, of which Vivai Mazzoni has been a founding partner since 1983, researches new varieties of strawberry, apple tree and pear tree that are increasingly closer to the consumer’s wishes and attentive to production needs.

The VIC has discovered and patented more than 20 new varieties of strawberry.

The patented varieties of apple tree are particularly renowned owing to their outstanding characteristics in terms of quality and production sustainability:

  • Rubens®
  • Modì®
  • The series of resistant varieties ‘Sweet Resistants’: GaiaPBR, GeminiPBR, FujionPBR, René®civrenPBR and SmeraldaPBR.
  • Isaaq® – the apple snack .

Internationally, the VIC is renowned for:

  • Genetic selection and varieties innovation;
  • Genetic-sanitary certification;
  • Licensing and patents management;
  • Cultivation techniques.

The VIC is active in varieties selection and innovation of strawberries, apples, pears, peaches and nectarines.

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