The Rania and Nabila varieties

Strawberries, too, are Sweet Resistants®

The two strawberry varieties selected by Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti (CIV) for Mediterranean climates, Rania* and Nabila*, are the first Italian strawberries with an ‘eco-friendly’ trademark. When selecting these varieties, the CIV focused on reducing the environmental impact and production costs. The CIV ‘Sweet Resistants’ line, initially used for various resistant apple varieties, is the first 100% Italian trademark that guarantees sustainability. In fact, Rania*and Nabila* do not require soil disinfection.

The productivity of Rania is very high, topping that of standard varieties by 30-40%.

The fruit size is consistently very large.

Sweet and aromatic with excellent firmness: it has uniformly red, firm flesh and holds up very well during handling. The flavour is excellent, very sweet with a very good aroma.

Productivity: the productivity of Nabila is very high, superior to that of standard varieties. The picking season is long and consistent.

Excellent both as a fresh plant and a frigo plant: it lends itself very well to being used both as a fresh plant and a frigo plant, the latter providing an excellent crop for autumn harvest.

Sweet flavour: the flavour is highly pleasing, with a good sugar content.