‘ISFC 2013’ Conference in the Netherlands: CIV strawberry varieties stand for INNOVATION

For CIV strawberry varieties, the third edition of the ‘International Soft Fruit Conference’ (ISFC) 2013 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands was a success.

This event is a unique platform for networking among producers and suppliers, consultants and merchants in the small fruit sector. In addition to business opportunities, through a packed program of presentations by industry leaders, the conference offers the latest news about varieties, supply chain management, problems and phytosanitary treatments, just to name a few.

Our agent Johan Aelterman aroused great interest among visitors with the presentation: ‘Change? Yes, we can!’ : Innovative Production Systems with the New Varieties of CIV.

This interest was manifested afterwards in a strong flow of visitors to the CIV stand.

The traditional production system in the Netherlands and Belgium is changing.
It is therefore evident that a change in the traditional system of producing strawberries has already begun and is inevitable not only in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also in other northern and central European countries.

The most evident weak points of the old system include:

  • saturation of the market
  • difficulty in having a profitable summer production with the classic June-bearing varieties.

The introduction of new market strategies is indispensable!

The CIV breeding program offers lots of possibilities for successfully implementing the necessary changes thanks to a vast selection of varieties that stand out for:

Their natural resistance to the major diseases is their strong point.
CIV varieties are sustainable from both an economic and ecological standpoint:

  • Less energy.
  • Fewer phytosanitary products.
  • Less fertilizers.
  • Lower harvest costs.
  • Lower growing costs.
  • Production strategies with an excellent financial return.
  • Highly productive varieties.
  • Excellent yield/ha.
  • Early bearing.
  • Low-cost summer production.

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