Vivai Mazzoni on Fresh Plaza

The strawberry is our flagship Interview with the Director Dr. M. Leis

In April Freshplaza published a report on the nursery activities of the company Vivai Mazzoni.
In an interview with the director of Vivai Mazzoni – Dr. Michelangelo Leis – it presented the new strawberry varieties for northern and southern European countries.

The article highlights that the strawberry is the strong point of Vivai Mazzoni, with 100 million plants produced every year and sales continually on the rise. The varietal diversifications and wide selection of plant types are the main strengths of the range offered by Vivai Mazzoni.

Download the article here to get more information about the most important strawberry varieties, including the June-bearing Clery, the leading variety in Germany and France; the everbearing Capri, highly appreciated in northern Europe, or the two new eco-friendly varieties for Mediterranean climates, Nabila and Rania.